CdB Gone Wild 2019 transport

CdB Gone Wild 2019 transport
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CdB Gone Wild Salsa Summer Camp 2019 will take place in a beautiful place: Pedase Holiday Centre near the sea. We shall have a weekend full of parties, workshops, chillout, sauna, swimming, sports and games, sunbathing, socializing and adding new friends on FB :)

The transport option means that we will all get on a comfortable bus in the meeting in the center of Tallinn on Friday, August 2 at around 6PM. The bus back will on on Sunday, August 4: details to be specified. Our camp will begin with a road-trip, it's fun!

Don't worry about the picture: our shuttle is expected to be faster ;)

Read more about the Salsa Summer Camp here

Event time 2-4. August 2019
Place Pedase Holiday Center