What is Mambo?

Mambo is a Latin dance of Cuban origin and is at the roots of the Salsa dance. Rhythmically Mambo is similar to salsa.

In the late 1940s, a musician named Perez Prado came up with the dance for the mambo music and became the first person to market his music as "mambo". After Havana, Prado moved his music to Mexico, and then New York City. Along the way, his style became increasingly homogenized in order to appeal to mainstream American listeners.

There were two forms of mambo dance: single and triple (sometimes called double mambo). The former one has been retained as modern mambo; the latter one is thought to be an origin of the cha cha.

Mambo is at the roots of the Salsa dance and is a part of the American Rhythm group of American Style ballroom dances.

The rhythm of steps is unusual in comparison to most other dances. It can be counted as "quick-quick-slow", the first "quick" is on the beat 2 of the measure and the "slow" step crosses the boundary of the musical measure and performed on counts "4", "1".  It is also counted as follows… 2,3,4 pause on 5, then 6,7,8, pause on 1.