Bachata Men Style

Bachata Men Style
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Course start July 1, 2024
Lesson times Mon 7:00pm
Level All levels
No of lessons 1 month / 2 months
Teacher Rainer

Men! It’s time to bring our bachata to the next level. In this lesson, you are going to evolve your movements in dance, coordination, styling and most importantly – confidence. All of these are key elements which will improve your dance level!

In this lesson we will:

✅ Go in depth with diferent bodymovements
✅ Learn Bachata technique – How to isolate different parts of the body, posture, footwork etc
✅ Musicality and rythm
✅ Style and musicality improvement
✅ Turn and spin technique
✅ Posture – one of the most important things in bachata!

The lessons start on March 6th at 19 and will happen every Monday at the same time. Come join and level-up your dance! The lessons are for every level of dance, but they will increase at a steady level.